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Individual Therapy

I work individually with adults and older adolescents, who are seeking therapy for a variety of reasons. I provide 45 minute weekly or semiweekly sessions. Below are listed a number of “problem” areas that I specialize in treating. Rarely do these occur in isolation, and it is most useful to understand them in the larger context of one's patterns of thinking, feeling, and perceiving. I view my patients holistically: as individuals with complex identities, overlapping roles, and potential for change.


Women's issues


Family conflict

Substance abuse

Sexual and gender identity

Work stress / burnout

Cross-cultural issues


School difficulties

Life transitions​



Social isolation

Self-esteem / confidence issues

Relationship difficulties


My fee per 45 minute individual session is 140€. While I am not currently accepting Dutch health insurance, you may be able to get reimbursed from an international health insurance provider.

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