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About Dr. Glicklich

I am an American-trained Clinical Psychologist, licensed in New York State, and living and practicing general psychology in the Netherlands. I provide in-person therapy for expats and students in Amsterdam. 


For the past thirteen years I have provided psychotherapy to diverse individuals, families, and groups from around the world. I have worked in multiple hospitals and community mental health centers, a college counseling center, and a psychoanalytic institute. My professional experiences also include supervising doctoral students, conducting psychological assessments, instructing undergraduate courses, and conducting research.


My identity as a therapist is shaped as much by my background and training, as it is by what I have learned from my patients. With every insight or obstacle they encounter, I too gain invaluable knowledge about myself and the human condition. I am humbled by the courage and resilience of others to overcome adversity, take risks, and pursue more meaningful lives.


Therapy can be daunting or painful at times, as it asks us to both accept the things we cannot change and change the things we can. What makes this process easier and more fulfilling is having a strong relationship with your therapist. You can expect me to approach our work together with warmth, respect for your values, curiosity about your inner world, and a sense of humor.

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