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Therapy for Expats
Rosalyn Glicklich, PhD 
Clinical Psychologist

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

― Viktor E. Frankl

Living abroad as a foreigner, while novel and exciting at times, can also bring feelings of anxiety, stress, or loneliness. Acclimating to a new culture and language, new roles and relationships, and changes in job or career are no easy tasks. These challenges may be compounded by distance from friends and family. Yet, these life transitions also provide opportunities for growth.

Beginning therapy is a courageous first step towards renewal and personal transformation. Partnering with a professional, to understand what you are going through, can make navigating such transitions not only easier but also fruitful. I support this process by creating a safe and confidential space, learning about you beyond the symptoms that bring you in, and helping you to find greater life satisfaction and sense of meaning.

Dr. Rosalyn Glicklich

I am an American-trained Clinical Psychologist from New York, practicing general psychology in Amsterdam. I have a private practice where I provide therapy for expats from all over the world. In my practice I treat individuals, groups, and couples, in English or Spanish. I specialize in treating adults as well as students studying abroad. Prior to moving to the Netherlands, I worked as a Clinical Instructor and supervising Psychologist at NYU School of MedicineBellevue Hospital in Manhattan. I have nine years of experience providing personalized psychotherapy to diverse people of all ages. 

Therapy for Expats

Rosalyn Glicklich, PhD


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